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Water / Liquid Analyzer Applications

Waste water treatment

Waste water treatment plant

NO3-, NO2-, NH4+, COD, pH, TSS, PO43-


Swimming pool

Pool water

O3, CL2, CLO2

Surface water

River, Lake, Rainfall water

NO3-, PO43-, Hydrocarbon, COD, Salinity,

DO, pH, NH4+

Sea water

Desalination plant, Harbour

S2-, Hydrocarbon, NH4+, NO2-

Drinking water

Potabilization plant

NO3-, pH, Colour, Chlorine, Turbidity


Air / Gas Analyzer Applications


Industry, Power Plant, Waste incinerator

SO2, NH3, NO, NO2, CL2

Ambient air

City, Industry

H2S, SO2, NOX, O3


Biogas plant

H2S, NH3, Mercaptan

Engine gas

Motor bench

Embedded system on vehicle

NH3, NOX, SO2, H2S

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