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Air / Gas analyzer G800 picture


air/gas Analyzer

G800 analyzer can be configured regarding the analysis and the installation to suit your industrial application, for example process gas and emissions. 

Provided with an ATEX enclosure (zone I or zone II), or including 4-20mA and relay output signals, the analyzer can be easily integrated into your existing installation. With robust elements and a measurement method without chemical consumption, G800 analyzer requires little service and maintenance resources. The instrument may be equipped with multiplexing system to measure several sampling points in a same instruments.


G800 analyzer provides fast and reliable measurements of a wide range of pollutants including Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, Mercaptans, Total Sulfur and more.


  • Powerful analytical method

  • High reliability & robustness

  • Customized to your requirements

  • Quality after-sales services

  • Wide application ranges

  • Low maintenance

  • Long life-time

  • No interference (CO, CO2, CH4, H2O)

  • Highly selective

  • Fast response time


Standard enclosure specifications

Technical specifications

General technical specification of analyzer
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