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H2S analyzer patented - 1 ppb of detection limit

The most powerful and selective solution on the market

Patented solution icon
Patented solution

  • Range: 1 to 1000 ppb

  • Detection limit: 1 ppb

  • High reliability and robustness

  • Low maintenance and long life-time

  • No interference (CO, CO2, CH4, H2O,...)

  • Highly selective

  • Fast response time: ≤ 10 seconds

UV FTLS SPECTROSCOPY: Our powerful analytical method allows us to be more selective and to offer a fast response time

Thanks to the use of a high-resolution spectrograph combined with innovative mathematical processing, this technique allows us to achieve greater precision and selectivity. 

The principle is based on the absorption of light. After performing the absorption measurement, Fourier Transform and Least Square calculations are applied through our software to determine the measurement result in real time. 

As no probe or instrument is in direct contact with the sample, the maintenance frequency is greatly reduced when the measurement is performed by UV FTLS spectroscopy.

Drawing of UV FTLS Spectroscopy method
UV FTLS Spectroscopy

Why is our method so selective?

Our method allows us to avoid interferences such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), humidity (H2O), and unknown gases.

Comparison drawing of UV Spectroscopy standard and UV FTLS spectroscopy selectivity
Comparison of UV Spectroscopy and UV FTLS Spectroscopy

Specifications of H2S analyzer

parameter specifications

Table of H2S analyzer specifications
H2S analyzer specifications

Enclosures available

Our G800 H2S gas analyzer is available in various optional enclosures:

  • Standard

  • Explosion-proof (Exd, ATEX)

  • Pressurized (Exp, ATEX)

  • Rack 19''

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